Sap Ratings Specialists

Esaps Sap Ratings Specialists


ESAPS are a Surrey based company covering the UK, with over 30 years SAP energy rating experience. We specialize in providing SAP rating assessments which are required for every domestic new build and over glazed extension. Full reports are then provided, covering the new L1A or L1B regulations where applicable.

Sap energy ratings are always undertaken by a fully trained registered assessor, to ensure that the service provided is fast, friendly and professional.

We are full members of the National Energy service and are authorized to issue EPC certificates for Sap Ratings under a scheme quality assured to BEN ISO 9000, which is approved by the Department of the Environment for delivering EPC Ratings for homes.

To carry out this service we need a complete set of plans including elevations and sections for new build. If it is an existing property, then a 1-50 scale sketch, plus details of building elements and heating system is required. Prices starting from just £100.00 + VAT.

We will then supply a Technical Report to demonstrate compliance; however if compliance is not met, we will then suggest areas for improvement. For new builds we will supply a Design Final and an ‘As Built Final’ with EPC certificates under L1A and newly created properties in existing dwellings under L1B, if applicable.

Please call 0845 207 7123 to discuss your exact requirements, whereupon further property details can then be simply forwarded to us.

Energy Rating Assessments For Conservatories


Please note that conservatories do not require a SAP Calculation, providing that they do not open directly to the house. If however there is no thermal separation, the conservatory is classed as an extension and if there is also more than 25% glazing present, then 2 x SAP worksheets are required; one a Notional calculation with the correct size glazing and one with the Actual glazing. SAP2012 is used in order to prove that the C02 emissions are lower than a notional extension.

If the proposed conservatory does open directly to the house and contains more than 25% glazing then please call 0845 207 7123 to discuss your requirements, otherwise a sap energy rating is not needed.

For further technical information on energy ratings please visit the following address

Energy Rating Assessments For Extensions


A Sap energy rating assessment is not normally required in an extension and then only if it is open to the house and the glazing is over 25% of the new floor area. In this case, the same calculations are needed as for conservatories.

Esaps are qualified to provide a SAP worksheet using a SAP2012 energy rating assessment where required.

Please call 0845 207 7123 to discuss your extension energy rating requirements further, or if you have any questions at all.